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iPhone Game Reviews

 while waiting for surgery to commence yesterday, i had a lot of time to clear some stuff out of the way. i started on 3 ipod touch games and was hooked, now having completed one of them already.

Virtual Villagers: A New Home

this game is very much like The Sims 2: Castaway, where you get a few stranded people on an island and you have to raise them up to work and live together as a community. i've never actually played games of this genre before, and this is prolly the game which would motivate me to explore more games like that.
this is Jewel, first girl born to the tribe!

Diner Dash

what a classic. and now it's on the iphone! seriously i wonder why didn't this game come out earlier? for those who haven't played this game and it's 2 expansions on the PC/Mac, better do so! controls for this game is pretty straightforward and idion-proof, cus it's just like clicking on Flo and clicking on places you want her to go to clear dishes/ pick tabs/ take orders/ serve drinks. AWESOME.

Real Soccer '09

this is another genre i've never tried or liked before, Sports. and worse yet, i have no idea what the rules for soccer are at all. but after playing it for the first time and scoring 2 goals against USA (i always play Japan), i was addicted. controls need to be get used to, D-Pad not sensitive enough, and the 8-way scroll is also not responsive, but other controls like lobbing and doing roulettes are cool and creative.
thats me playing as Japan against Argentina, in the second leg for the World Cup.


it's like a tamagotchi, except with touch controls. i named my pet Stef (btw, i dreamt of sudako last night, damn scary.) you get to do things like feed and play with your iGotchi, and in the next screenshot you'd see me playing volleyball with it. although the mini games in this mini games are really repetitive and simple, it's a great way to pass time.
by looking at this, you'd see that Stef is kinda thirsty.

Spore Origins

Spore Origins is great, i love it. now my creature is at level 20 and it can electrocute your ass. it also has a beak to chew on your fried ass, and feeler-like things to swim away should you get angry for trying to eat your ass. did you see the eyes on the ass of my creature? i named it The Man, hahah. 

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

i'm really grateful to own an ipod touch, i just can't wait to get an iphone. cus i think it's this platform which introduced me to all sorts of genres for games. i've never liked racing games, but i must say that Asphalt 4 makes me want to get racing games for my 360(am planning to get the next release of Burnout already.) next screenshot would show you crash my ferrari f430 scuderia and after that, see it take down an opponent's car. by far, this is my most favorite game for the iphone.


enough of the reviews, i'll talk about the surgery. okay, 4 words: It Hurt Like Hell.

and i have 6 days MC now. the best thing is that i can't leave my house during the day time cus smoe parts of my skin can't take the exposure of sunlight. i was in so much pain yesterday that after the procedure, i was shivering from head to toe and my teeth were clattering. i think that anesthetic crea could've been whipped cream and there wouldn't have been any difference. 

i'm in so uch pain, i just want to curl up into a ball on my bed and freeze with time. but thankfully, the senior surgeon is really nice, he told me that we didn't have to finish the procedure in one day, i can always come back next month to take another 6 days of MC. and after thinking  about it for a while, i decided that it'll be better that way cus i really couldn't stand the pain.

imagine some sicko uses a hot piece of needle and starts jabbing at your face until parts of your skin bursts and blood flows. thats what i went through. Dear God.

and then my dad had to buy crab home last night and my mum didn't allow me to eat it!! but i was in too much pain anyway. when i was on MSN last night, i was half sleeping and half replying people.


it's gonna be a boring 6 days.
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